Monday Mash-Up #001

The holidays are over, the decorations put away.  Now it’s time to settle in and catch up with everything book-related!

I’m introducing Monday Mash-Up, a weekly post to share what I’m currently reading and what I’ve finished over the past week.  And so, to start off 2019, here is my current reading pile:

(And yes, that is a beautiful sunshine reflection here in normally rainy and grey western Washington state!)

The Sound and the Fury–I am rereading for a Goodreads group.  I first read it in high school many years ago and didn’t care for it then.  Sadly, I’m still not a fan, but thanks to modern google searches I can at least understand it more than I did in the ’80’s!

The Dinosaur Lords–Dinosaurs and humans living alongside each other.  Humans struggling for domination of the kingdom.  Great fantasy premise but a bit slow-going.

The Ritual–I couldn’t wait for Halloween to read this one!  Great build-up!

Wild East–Just started last night, so far it’s been a bit of travelogue mixed with history lesson.

Food and the City–Another one I just started.  A series of interviews with various New Yorkers involve in some way with the food industry.

I will start adding completed titles next week.

Have a great week, and Happy Reading!


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