Monday Mash-Up #030

You know the end of summer is fast approaching when the schools send out your child’s schedule and supply list.  My son will be going back on August 27, and while that seems like a long time, I know it will fly by.  So many things we still want to do, so little time!!

This past week has been pretty quiet.  We have been enjoying a bounty of lemon cucumbers from the garden, and our blackberries are starting to ripen as well.  I hate the heat but love the produce!  😀

With one exception, this was a great reading week!

Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton — 4.5 out of 5 stars!!

I’ve discovered some great Australian authors recently (Richard Anderson, Peggy Frew to name a couple) and now I can add Trent Dalton to my list of authors to watch.  One thing I found out after I read this was a large part of it was based on the author’s childhood (they say truth is stranger than fiction; the novel was strange enough, I would love to read his actual memoir if he ever writes one!).  Part coming of age, part crime/mystery, and overall a great book.

Voices by Arnaldur Indridason — 4 out of 5 stars!

This is the second book I’ve read in the Inspector Erlendur series and I can’t wait to find some more!  This time, Erlendur is investigating the murder of a hotel Santa Claus found in, well, a bit of a compromising position.  There is also a secondary storyline involving the potential abuse of a young boy.  Overall a great series, but can get a bit off-track at times.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara — 4 out of 5 stars!

Be sure to read my full review I posted on August 4th!

The Autumn Balloon by Kenny Porpora — 4 out of 5 stars!

Porpora’s memoir is heartbreaking and powerful in it’s simplicity.  Could almost be a companion piece to Boy Swallows Universe in that both tell about growing up surrounded by extreme dysfunction.

Chicago Noir — 2 out of 5 stars

I think my goodreads comment says it all:

After reading nearly 30 books in the Akashic Noir series, this one was a disappointment. I was expecting more than “Generic town, somewhat noir.” I’m not going to stop reading the series, I’m just glad this wasn’t my introduction to it.

Have a wonderful week, and Happy Reading!

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