@Night_Worms #04 “Feasting on Horror”

Saturday’s mail brought the latest Night Worms package…….and I was beyond excited to find the following!!!

Oh…My…Gawd!!!  Grind Your Bones to Dust by Nicholas Day has been at the top of my horror to-read list, and Nicole Cushing’s A Sick Gray Laugh is one of those I saw on Goodreads and was beyond intrigued and added it to  my ever-expanding “must read” list.  And don’t get me started on The Devil’s Dreamland:  Poetry Inspired by H.H. Holmes…….I devoured this offering from Sara Tantlinger in a Saturday afternoon reading frenzy and enjoyed every bit of it!!!

Of course, there are the added bonuses of signed book plates and some awesome artwork (I love the Halloween magnet!!).

Another huge shout-out to Night Worms and their commitment to sharing some of the best horror out there.  I’m already looking forward to December’s package, it will mark Night Worm’s one year anniversary with FOUR books (plus added bonus of it being my milestone birthday month!!!  😀 ).

Happy Reading!!

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