Review — August by Callan Wink

This is the story of a boy named August, mainly his life from around age 12 to around age 20.  This boy named August has a pretty nondescript life:  he lives on a farm with his parents (who live in separate residences on the property), he kills wild cats to gain the affections of his father while trying to catch the attention of his distant mother; he is part of a nasty, unreported crime; he moves to another state and lives a somewhat obscure and uneventful life, relishing in the simplicity of nature and living in anonymity.

So why the four stars??

The writing, pure and simple.  This is the first story I’ve read from Callan Wink, and it will not be the last.  His storytelling reminds me of Jim Harrison, one of my favorite authors.  I will admit there were several times I questioned why Wink was going a certain direction, why the mundane was highlighted.  But at the end of the novel, I understood the method behind the madness and I fell in love with a young man named August and his honest and heartfelt story.

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