March — A Month of Mysteries!!

I’ve always loved a good mystery story.  My first forays into the genre included childhood favorites like Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys.  Then I discovered Agatha Christie and I was truly hooked.  Over the years, I’ve found numerous authors who I will go out of my way to read everything they write.  There are also the new voices who write such gripping tales that I can’t wait for their next book.

The other day, as I was sorting through my giant to-read hoard, I realized that a large percentage of my books would fall into the mystery category…….and that’s a freaking lot!!!  So how do I narrow down a top twenty, let alone a top ten or five, to read for March???  (And I won’t even get into the multitudes I have waiting for me on my Kindle!!).  It was difficult, and I’ll admit a couple were picked by blindly pointing to a pile, but these are the ones I’ve decided to put on my must read list for March.

From favorite authors to new voices, I thought this was a good representation of my collection.  Now the question remains:  will I be able to finish them all this month?  Stay tuned!

Goodreads Group Reads

A very eclectic selection from three of my Goodreads groups:  The Reading List Completists (Dracula), Bookworm Bitches (I’ll Be Gone in the Dark), and Horror Aficionados (The Roo)….

I read all of these just recently so I’ll be passing on rereading them so soon, but I wanted to share them to perhaps provide some reading inspiration….plus I highly recommend all three!!

February Check List

For such a short month, I was able to finish 18  books, including my two selections for the month (Elegy for Iris and The Time of My Life) and two group selections (Animal Farm and Inheritance). Not a bad month; now on to the next!

Happy Reading!


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