Monday Mash-Up #063 Staying Home

Well, today our state governor made an official “stay at home” proclamation for Washington state.  I’ve been staying at home already, not so much out of fear but because I tend to be a homebody anyways.  Here are just a few things that have been keeping my mind occupied for the past week or so…..

My yarn stash is about as large as my unread book hoard so I’ve been knitting cotton washcloths and working on my winter hat I started a few months ago (maybe I’ll actually finish it before next winter!!).  These are all things I’ve always enjoyed doing, and I find them essential to help escape reality for a bit.  And no, that’s not a vodka tonic in the center……or is it??!??   😉

And is anyone else having problems with being able to focus on reading?  I know I am.  But after a few days of “media distancing,” I found I was able to start focusing again, and managed to finish a few books.

The Week in Books

Skullface Boy by Chad Lutzke — 4.5 out of 5 stars!

As you may already know, I love me some Lutzke, and this novella did not disappoint.   It’s the story of a boy born with a skull for a face, who travels to California to look for the man who may be his father; along the way he meets a variety of characters and finds himself in some interesting situations.  It’s essentially a dark coming of age tale, and anyone who has ever been singled out because of their differences will understand and root for Levi.

The Dawn of the Living-Impaired and Other Messed Up Zombie Stories by Christine Morgan — 4 out of 5 stars!

If you are under the impression that all zombie stories are the same, you should check out this collection from Christine Morgan.  There’s humor, lots of horror, stories set in the past and the future, really a mixed bag and something for (nearly) everyone.  Fair warning, it’s not for the squeamish, but still a damn entertaining way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Dead in the Water by Stuart Woods — 3.5 out of 5 stars

This is one of those fast-paced mysteries featuring the studly main character, the wily seductress, and a variety of good and bad guys to round out the story….and I liked it!!  I see more of this series on my to-read list in the future!

Be healthy, stay safe, and as always, Happy Reading!

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