NightWorms May Theme — Classic Horror in Collaboration with Paul Tremblay

Another month and another great bookmail delivery from NightWorms!

The May package offers a salute to classic horror,  but perhaps not the kind you would expect!  The NightWorms gals teamed up with Valancourt Books to bring back some classic ’70’s pulp horror, thanks in part to Valancourt reissuing several such titles from the ’70’s and early ’80’s (for which you will have to thank Grady Hendrix and his awesome ode to classic pulp horror, Paperbacks From Hell.  Oh, and Grady offers a new intro for one of the books, added bonus!).   I’m the first to admit I am not familiar with Steve Rasnic Tem’s work, but the guy published 400+ short stories plus other longer tales  so I’m curious to see what twisted mind is at work here!  The Auctioneer from 1976 sounds strangely familiar to me (did I read it or was it turned into some sort of low-grade horror movie I watched in the ’80’s?) and I’m looking forward to this one as well.

A bittersweet note comes with the copy of Graveyard Slaughter’s Video Hell comic.  One of the co-creators, Kevin Watkins, passed away suddenly in April.  After seeing his work here and reading the tributes on social media I am saddened that I will not get a chance to read more of his creations.  Peace to you and your family Mr. Watkins.


Stay tuned for the June package, with the theme being “Boys of Summer” and Poltergeist Press involved!  Until next time, as always, Happy Reading!



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