July Book Mail!

This may come as a shock, but I am a bookaholic.¬† ūüėĬ† I love going to thrift stores and finding obscure titles; to large used book sales and packing as many titles as I can carry into heavy-duty shopping bags; wandering the library aisles and discovering new favorites.¬† So, needless to say, these past few months of closures and lock-downs have left me jonesing for some book-buying time, and earlier this month I got my fix!

First up…

My plunge into Joe Lansdale territory.¬† I’ve heard so many good things about his works, including the acclaimed Hap and Leonard series, that I decided to try out a few.¬† The top three are part of the H&L series, with¬†Savage Season¬†being the first (I read this one last week, let’s just say I’m hooked) with the other two being stand-alone titles that sound amazing.

Next up…

A little bit of everything here, short stories, horror, non-fiction.¬† Within an hour after receiving it, I was tearing through Samantha Kolesnik’s brutal¬†True Crime¬†and I just finished Gwendolyn Kiste’s haunting collection¬†And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe.¬†¬†I may need to pace myself!!

And the winners of best covers go to…

Chaplinsky’s stories have been described as strange, weird, and the ultimate, bizarro, so this anthology could get interesting!¬†¬†The Magpie Coffin¬†is the first in a series of “splatter westerns” put out by Death’s Head Press, and if the story is anything like the cover picture,it should be right up my alley!


And I would be remiss if I didn’t include my July package from NightWorms!

These monthly packages have helped to satisfy my “need” for new books, and this month offered up the new gothic horror sensation,¬†Mexican Gothic.¬†¬†Also included was a book of poetry by newcomer Adrian Ernesto Cepeda.¬† These free-style poems were influenced by Sylvia Plath’s¬†The Glass Jar.¬†¬†

I want to give a shout out to Clash Books, Powell’s, and Daedalus Books for their wonderful customer service and continuing to offer great selections during these trying times.

Have you received any fun book mail lately?  Drop me a line, I love seeing what everyone is reading!

And until next time, Happy Reading!!


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