NightWorms August Theme — Campfire Tales

Now this was one NightWorms package I couldn’t wait to get my hands on!!

So let me start with this—

Stephen Graham Jones is one of my top five fan grrrl authors, I would stand in line to read an advanced copy of a hemorrhoid cream commercial if he wrote it.  So, needless to say, I was super excited to get his latest….added bonus is getting it a full month before it’s official release!  I wound up reading it the other night, look for my thoughts in the next weekly mash-up!

I read Josh Malerman’s hit novel Bird Box last summer and really enjoyed it; finding out the sequel, Malorie, was going to arrive this month saved me the time tracking down a copy to buy–I need to find out what happens in this strange new world!

Also included: signed name plates, a bookmark featuring the art of Ethan Pollard (the ink smithe on Insta), and tea that tastes like…s’mores?!?!  Can’t wait to brew up some of that (not to mention my s’more loving son has put dibs on the first cup!).

Have you received any fun book mail recently?  Hit me up, let’s chat books!  I love seeing what everyone is reading!

Meanwhile, stay safe and sane, and as always…Happy Reading!


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