Night Worms October Theme — Creep It Real!

Every month is Halloween with Night Worms, and the October package brought two great-sounding books…

Kathe Koja’s The Cipher is horror with a sci-fi twist: when a dark hole appears in a storage closet, Nicholas and Nakota apparently decide it’s a good idea to jump into the blackness to investigate.  You know nothing good can come of that!  The Loop sounds like it also has a bit of a sci-fi element, with a biotech firm and a strange outbreak in the local area.  Both Jeremy Robert Johnson and Kathe Koja are new-to-me authors and I’m looking forward to diving into these books!

I’m always excited and looking forward to the next installment, but I know that November will bring a new book by one of my fan-grrrl favorite authors, Chad Lutzke!!  Counting down the days for that one!!

Until next time, stay safe and sane, and Happy Reading!

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