Weekly Mash-Up #94

It’s almost here, the most haunting day of the year!

And I’m not talking about the presidential election!!

Our plans may be minimal (carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, eating candy and making caramel popcorn), but they will keep us entertained.  Added bonus is turning the clocks back one hour to standard time–an extra hour of sleep!!

The Week in Books

Finders Keepers by Stephen King — 4 out of 5 stars!

It wouldn’t be the Halloween season without a Stephen King novel thrown in the mix.  It’s been a while since I read Mr. Mercedes, the first in this trilogy, so I was worried I may have forgotten some key elements.  But not to fear, this is it’s own story, just with some of the main, unforgettable characters from the first book.  Fast paced, with the lurking evil and fiendish twists that makes King the master of the genre.  (28/31)

The Malan Witch by Catherine Cavendish — 3.5 out of 5 stars

This witchy novella started out great.  Cavendish does a wonderful job of bringing to life the isolated location (you can almost smell the salt water and feel the wind).   But, as things moved along and strange occurrences started popping up, it felt like it was written by a different person.  The conversations were abrupt and at times felt a bit off, and the little details that sucked me into the story at the beginning pretty  much disappeared.  In short, everything started to feel rushed and unfinished, and at the end I was left scratching my head over a few things (especially the disappearance of a certain character.  Why not more behind that?).  My copy was labeled as 2nd revision so I don’t know if any more was changed or if this was the final copy.  I do recommend giving this a try, though, especially if you’re looking for a dark tale for Halloween but without the blood and gore of other horror stories.  (29/31)

When the Lights Go Out – Ink Slinger’s Halloween Anthology — 3 out of 5 stars

One thing I love about anthologies is the diversity of authors and writing styles that are showcased in one book.  I was a bit confused with this one though.  Some of the stories were written like they were aimed at Middle Grade or YA readers, then suddenly there’s a story featuring weird beastiality or extreme violence.  Overall, of the 25 stories, I found only a couple to be in the 4-star range, most were 3, with several 2’s mixed in.  Not terrible, but not something I would recommend.  (30/31)

Ooooh, do you see that?  Only one more book to meet my goal of 31 books for Halloween!!  Hmmm, will Jonathan Janz’s The Dark Game be the one?  Or will Brian Keene’s The Ghoul come from behind?  Or will I go a totally different direction?????  Stay tuned…….Happy Reading!

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