NightWorms December Theme — Slay Belles

A little Christmas cheer arrived earlier this month in my latest NightWorms package!

From the theme name, I had figured December would focus on women writers, but the gals at NW did a great job of keeping the featured titles/authors under wraps, so to speak.  Hey, everyone deserves a good Christmas surprise, right?!

And a great surprise it was!  I was stoked to find Sara Tantlinger’s Cradleland of Parasites in the mix.  I’d become a fan of her poetry after reading The Devil’s Dreamland earlier this year, and this creepy, make-your-skin-crawl look at the Black Plague did not disappoint.  Not All Monsters is an anthology featuring some familiar names and several new-to-me authors with a central theme of facing the monsters that haunt us.  Fairest Flesh is described as part historical fiction, part fairy tale, that focuses on the infamous Lady Bathory, who believed that bathing in the blood of virgins would give her eternal youth.  I’m creeped out already!!


And I realize I totally spaced on sharing the November NightWorms theme, Haunted Harvest!

Featured authors Chad Lutzke and John Boden are known for their emotion-based, coming of age horror.  Wormwood asks the question To what lengths would you go to  make friends?  And Jedi Summer With the Magnetic Kid takes us back to the early ’80’s where a boy and his little brother make their way through various scenarios…and meet a few ghosts along the way.  I devoured both of these books and give them high recommendations.  And the brown sugar vanilla chai tea?  Delish!!

Until next time, stay safe, wear your mask, and Happy Reading!


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