My 20 Plus 1 For 2021!

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s resolutions.  I usually fall from my diet by week two, exercise equipment collects dust, travel plans don’t go through.

Reading goals, however, never fail!  I love challenging myself, whether it’s reading a certain number of books or trying out different genres and authors.  I look forward to read-a-thons with my Goodreads groups, and checking out other book blogs and vlogs for inspiration.  This year, on top of my personal reading goals, I have some extra challenges I’m signing myself up for.  Bookworm Bitches offer a variety of challenges both monthly and quarterly that I usually participate in.  This year I’m also taking on their year-long Literary Scavenger Hunt.  There are nearly 50 prompts, like books with a specific number of chapters or pages, cover art (or lack thereof), matching my initials or birth year with a book or author…you get the idea.  I’m already going through my TBR hoard to start matching books with prompts!

And, of course, I made a to-read list for 2021 from my shelves and boxes of books waiting for me to pick them.  It was difficult, to say the least!


I tend to gravitate towards memoirs and biographies, so Born Standing Up and Saving My Assassin were no-brainers.  Five Days at Memorial takes a look at the chaos and tragedy at a hard-hit hospital during Hurricane Katrina.  Brooklyn Zoo is another memoir, focusing on an infamous psych ward at a Brooklyn institution.  As an animal lover, I’ve had When Elephants Weep on my to-read list for over a decade now.  I finally have a copy and can’t wait to read it!


Really a little bit of everything here!  I had to pick a couple of my favorite authors, Cormac McCarthy and Sherman Alexie.  A couple of others have been on my shelf for a while (A Gesture Life, The Doubt Factory).  Plus, I have to read The Twelve before I forget what all happened in Cronin’s first book, The Passage !


I’ve amassed quite a collection of novels and collections on my Kindle over the past year, it almost rivals the number of my unread physical books!  I decided to prioritize five of these ebooks, adding them to my 2021 reading list.

Managed Care by Joe Barrett  Described as  “A laugh-out-loud celebration of bad choices for good causes,” a young man moves into a care facility for the elderly after they refuse to refund his deceased grandfather’s deposit.  I see some potential in this one!

Gone to See the River Man by Kristopher Triana  A woman’s obsession with a serial killer leads her to unspeakable darkness to prove her loyalty to a madman.  Sounds like this is right up my alley!

Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade by Alan Baxter  A novella-length adventure fantasy from my favorite Australian author.

The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste  I’ve been hearing great things about this novel, probably best described as a mix of gothic and urban fantasy.  Girls are withering away, their bodies turning to broken glass and corroded metal.  I can’t wait to find out why!!

In the Valley of the Sun by Andy Davidson  Another one I’ve been hearing great things about.  A literary western with some vampires thrown in the mix.  What’s not to love about that??!

Now, you’re probably wondering about the whole Plus One thing.  I love long, epic novels, but lately I’ve been finding it difficult to really get into one.  I have several sitting on my shelf, so I decided to choose one of the 700+ page novels as a must read for 2020….

Plus One

This was another difficult choice.  I was torn between this, The Priory of the Orange Tree, and 1Q84.   In the end, I wound up closing my eyes and picking one, so we’ll see how this goes!

What are your reading goals for 2021?  Let me know, I love hearing about what everyone is reading!

Until next time, stay safe and Happy Reading!!


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