NightWorms January Theme — Cabin Fever!

New year, new NightWorms goodies!

2021 started out a bit rocky for the NightWorms gals as one of the featured books was delayed in transit, pushing back the usual first week of  the month shipping date to mid-month.  But the way I see it, it was great timing.  After the ongoing stress of watching a near fall of democracy, I welcomed this latest monthly package with near giddy happiness…and it did not disappoint!

Grindhouse Press was the featured indie press this month, with three very different yet intriguing titles.  Merciless sounds like the love child of Natural Born Killers and Bonnie and Clyde, with a couple on their honeymoon embarking on a cross-country killing spree.   Tim Meyer’s Paradise Club is set at a posh resort, where the guests must learn to kill or be killed.   And Horrorama offers three novellas featuring a strange self-storage building; a camping trip that goes awry; and a cult looking for it’s next sacrifice.   And along with the signed bookplates and bookmark is another great product from Retreat Drinks, peppermint hot cocoa, perfect for this time of year!

Sadie and Ashley always do a great job, and I am looking forward to another year of awesome books from these hard-working NightWorms gals!

Until next time, stay safe and Happy Reading!!

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