NightWorms March Theme — Kills and Thrills

March not only brings the first day of spring, but also some great titles in the latest NightWorms delivery!

First of all…STEPHEN KING!!!!!   YESSSS!!!  I’ve been reading King’s novels since I was thirteen or so, and I’m always excited to see new releases from The Master.  Later is the story of Jamie, a boy with hidden abilities who is sucked into a murder mystery.  King always does a great job developing his young characters so I’m looking forward to Jamie’s adventures.   I’ve put this on my must-read list for April!

I’m a sucker for a story about haunted buildings.  Old homes, jails, hospitals, asylums, it doesn’t matter to me as long as there’s a tragic or questionable past and a present full of creepy goings-on.  The Sanatorium checks all the boxes with a building being transformed into a hotel, some unsuspecting travelers, and an impending blizzard.  Can’t wait to start this one!

Oh, and did I mention tea?  Caramel Apple tea to be precise?  This rooibos-based tea with real apple bits sounds delish!

Stay safe and Happy Reading!

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