April — Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year where many of us start some spring cleaning around the house.  For me, that has meant doing some decluttering of the kitchen and closets, deep-cleaning the carpets…and trying to organize my massive TBR hoard!

With two book carts, two book cases, and nine boxes filled with unread treasures, it’s often difficult to decide what to read next.  This month, I decided to pick some titles that have been waiting for my attention for 10 years or longer.  Believe me, there are quite a few!  But these two popped out…

Candle in the Wind has been sitting, overlooked, on my shelf since the early 1990’s!  A different take on the Marilyn Monroe legend, this story goes into alt-history territory by asking “What if Marilyn had lived?”  Well, it’s time for me to finally find out!

A friend introduced me to local author Earl Emerson and his fast-paced mysteries in the late 1990’s, and Going Crazy in Public has been begging for my attention for at least 15 years!   In this installment of the Mac Fontana series, Fire Chief Fontana must figure out who is behind a series of arson fires in the sleepy town of Staircase, Washington.  Sounds like a perfect rainy afternoon read!

Goodreads Group Reads

My Goodreads groups have some great titles picked for this month.  Here’s just a sampler…

How convenient that I received The Sanatorium recently!  I’m definitely putting this creepy tale on my April TBR.

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth has been on my shelf for some time.  I’m not sure I’ll be starting this epic tale anytime in the near future, but I’ve heard great things about it.  If you start it, let me know what you think!

Mr. Mercedes is the first in Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy, and takes us into the minds of a psychopath and the man trying to stop him.  I think of this as more thriller than typical King horror and highly recommend it.

Other group titles include On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, a beautiful heart-breaking tale written as a son’s letter to his mother (and one I highly recommend); and The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang, a historical fantasy based on events in 19th century China.  This one really intrigues me…I would love to hear your opinions on it!

What do you have on your April TBR?  Feel free to drop me a line, I love to talk books!  Until next time, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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