July — Road Trip

Ah, the summer road trip.  With more states fully reopening (my state just did on June 30), many folks are gearing up to get out and about, making up for the lost time from the past 18 months.  Personally, I have no plans other than some day hikes…as far from other people as I can get!!  But I can still go on a road trip through my books!  I picked this month’s TBR based solely on the titles.  Let’s see what we have…

California sounds like it’s going to take me into a dystopian future, where a young couple leave the crumbling city of Los Angeles for the wilds of the Sierra Mountains.  It’s tagged from science fiction to survival adventure fiction so this could be a good one.

Idaho goes a different direction, listed as literary fiction with a mystery/thriller aspect.  Ann is determined to find out what happened to her husband Wade’s first wife and children, and why first wife Jenny is currently incarcerated.  It sounds like this will involve the strength of family ties and love, a theme I’ve been reading a bit more of lately.  Looking forward to this one.

And finally, what road trip would be complete without some Travelers Rest?  I know I’ve stayed at some questionable places during my travels over the years, and it sounds like this little town of Travelers Rest may just put those creepy places to shame.

Goodreads Group Reads

If you’re looking to challenge yourself for your July reading, maybe check this one out…

Yep, that is a “normal” page from Mark Z. Danielewski’s strange and headache-inducing House of Leaves.  I read it a few years ago and I remember giving it 4 stars because  a:)  I actually finished it;  b:)  I actually understood some of it;  and c:)  I have to give props to the sheer creativity behind it.

While I won’t be revisiting House of Leaves, I will be enjoying one of my other group reads:  Fredrik Backman’s latest, Anxious People.  This has been on my to-read list since it was published and, as luck would have it, my library had a copy available.  I love Backman’s writing and characters (except Britt-Marie, that woman still bugs me!) so I’m putting this at the top of my July reading pile.

What are your reading plans for July?  Drop me a line and let’s talk books!

Stay safe and Happy Reading!

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