NightWorms July Theme — Sweet Revenge

The monthly arrival of my NightWorms package always brings great surprises, but little did I expect to find my number one must-read book for 2021!

I did a happy dance when I found S. A. Cosby’s new release, Razorblade Tears, as one of this month’s selections.  I dove into it immediately…and it did not disappoint!!  Be sure to check out my review in Weekly Mash-Up #128!

Savage Mountain tells the story of some friends stranded in the woods and running into a group of men involved with drug cartels, who don’t intend on letting the friends escape.  I’ve watched enough movies with this storyline to know it probably won’t end well for most of the characters!  But I love these kind of stories and I’m looking forward to this one.

A cold brew coffee sample, bookmarks, and signed bookplates round out yet another great month.  Now I better get some reading done to make room for the August package!

Until next time, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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