September — Sci Fi and Scary/The 31 Books of Halloween

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again!  Two of my favorite genres, science fiction and horror, will be the featured themes for not one, but two months!

I’m starting out September with Sea of Rust, the story of a dystopian future where humans have been exterminated by robots, and now the robots are at war with each other.  I started reading this morning and I am hooked!

Two novels offer a perfect blend of sci fi and scary.  In Dead Space, Hester is a low-level security guard working for a company in the asteroid belt.  When she hears of a friend’s murder at an asteroid mine, she begins the search for answers and discovers some powerful secrets.  A strange dark hole appears in a closet in The Cipher, and our two protagonists decide it would be a great idea to enter and explore.  Yeah, I’m sure that will end well!

And as for The 31 Books of Halloween?  I have quite a variety of short stories, novellas, and novels to choose from, ranging from creature features to splatterpunk, psychological horror to vampire lit…and yes, I do have some Halloween-themed cozy mysteries lined up as well.  Watch for my countdown in my weekly updates!

Looking for more reading suggestions?  Check out these

Goodreads Group Reads

Two of my groups are going for an emotional punch this month.  Laurel Hightower’s novella, Crossroads, asks the question “How far would you go to see a deceased loved one again?”  It’s as heart-wrenching as it is horrific and I highly recommend it.  I haven’t read Betty yet but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews (with the warning of making sure you have plenty of tissues on hand).   I consider The Remains of the Day to be a quiet, contemplative classic, perfect for a rainy evening by the fire with a pot of tea nearby.

Since I finished only one book this past week, I will be postponing the next Weekly Mash-Up until September 8.

Until next time,  stay safe and Happy Reading!

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