Weekly Mash-Up #138

Book mail is always exciting, and this past week was no exception!

Not only did my order of Rings and Rust Belt Femme arrive, but I also received a new ARC that I won in a recent LibraryThing giveaway!  The Hidden sounds like it’s right up my alley, blending mystery/thriller with British folklore.  I’ll be diving into these in the very near future so be sure to look for my thoughts in upcoming mash-ups.

And if those weren’t exciting enough, check out this month’s NightWorms delivery!

The Last House on Needless Street has been on my must-read list since I first heard of it so finding it in this month’s package was truly fantastic!  I’m over halfway through and all I can say is “wow!”  Dark Matter is a 200+ page “magazine” that features a wide variety of short stories, poetry, and artwork from the science fiction and horror genres.  I’m seriously considering treating myself to a subscription for my upcoming birthday.

While I didn’t get a lot of reading in, I did manage to finish a couple of books.

The Week in Books

The Narrows by Ronald Malfi — 4 out of 5 stars

(H 21/31)  One of Malfi’s earlier works is the story of a small town harboring deadly secrets…and some pretty nasty creatures.  I thought this was a perfect Halloween read, even though it was a bit predictable.  The twist on the vampire was unexpected and truly creepy.  Recommended for fans of moderate horror.

City of Ash and Red by Hye-Young Pyun — 3 out of 5 stars

I picked up this book based on the cover synopsis promising a tale of a man stranded in a foreign country while a pandemic rages around him (sounds pretty timely, right?).  Well, not so much.  This is more the story of the main character’s personal failings, with flashbacks to events that have led him to his current state.    I agree with another reviewer’s comment that this book leaves you feeling filthy; from the reeking garbage and systematic rat deaths to the filthy soul of the unnamed main character, it’s not light reading by any means.  The writing was impressive, but for me the story was unsatisfying.

Stay safe and Happy Reading!


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